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Visual impairments and blindness come at tremendous personal and societal costs, ranking among the top ten causes of disability in the United States.

The Fox Family Foundation’s mission is to address the complex interplay between poverty and vision loss. 

We support initiatives that promote equitable access to culturally relevant eye care services, provide academic support for low vision students, and promote workforce diversity, accessibility, and inclusion. 

Our strategy is to use data related to eye health, student success, employment rates, and other relevant metrics to tailor our programs and measure impact. 

The foundation believes that creating strong partnerships and cross-collaborating with an array of organizations is crucial to promoting eye health and creating a more just and equitable society.

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People with vision-loss and blindness face barriers in access to high quality education, employment, and community connections. As a result, this population is vulnerable and disproportionately affected by poverty.


The mission of the Fox Family Foundation is to ensure capable and motivated people-in-need can thrive inside their schools, careers, and communities. We invest in academic and work-skill solutions that prepare low-vision and blind people (in California especially, and in the USA at large) with next-step readiness. We also fund vision and literacy screenings in economically disadvantaged communities.


We seek to collaborate with innovative organizations focused on solutions for vulnerable populations.


Accessible Fox Family Foundation
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