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Video Description - Our Vision

Please note this video contains only music with no narration or audio description.

Driving violin music.

The Fox Family Foundation logo, a white fox sitting on top of the words, “Fox Family Foundation”in white letters appears over a black background.


Glass shatters revealing a close-up of half a woman’s face with a dark brown eye.


Next to it, a title in black lettering over various colored boxes reads: “Our mission is to break the link between poverty and vision loss.”

Image dissolves to a montage of three rows of images of various people of all different ethnicities working collaboratively in the office and around computers. 

White titles over various colored boxes read: “We fund highly collaborative organizations”

Video: Ten people around a table all put their hands in the center, counting off and cheering. Their hands reach into the air.

Title reads: “Willing to share insights, co-create programs…”

Video: Hands of different ethnicities put together a white jigsaw puzzle.

Title reads “...and focus on systemic problems…”

Video: A slow zoom in on a completed puzzle of an eye. A hand puts in the last piece.

Title reads: “…that focus on eye health.”

A reddish brown fox sits in the snow.


Title reads: “With sight, we see.

The fox jumps and looks around.

Title reads: “With insight, we achieve.”


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