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Many innovations that improve "quality of life" are not designed for accessibility. For example, diabetic retinopathy is one of the largest causes of blindness, yet the technology that allows individuals to monitor and cope with this disease was not universally designed for blind people.


The INCLUSIVE INNOVATION FUND supports open innovation projects in med-tech, ed-tech, wearables, and assistive-tech that facilitate independent living and the creation of an inclusive society.

meet Inclusive Innovation grantee:

Project ECHO

For three decades, Project ECHO's has been empowering students with entrepreneurial and leadership skills so that they can thrive in college, their careers, and their community as change-makers. Participants have an opportunity to pitch their innovations to a panel of esteemed judges.

Our grant is in support of "Innovate for Inclusion," a hands-on, project-based curriculum that focuses on universal design principles as well as disability awareness, and aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to create accessible and inclusive solutions.

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