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Cultural competency is essential to addressing the complex interplay between poverty and vision loss. People living in poverty are often excluded from employment opportunities that could give them the power to change their lives. Moreover, there are shortages of qualified professionals in special education, eye care delivery, research, and vision sciences that need to be addressed. 


The VISIONARY SCHOLARS FUND supports education and workforce development programs that increase career access in fields that directly benefit blind and visually impaired people.  

meet Visionary Scholars grantee:

Big Picture Learning

Big Picture Learning (BPL) is an educational organization dedicated to a student-centered learning model that emphasizes real-world experiences and personal interests to foster individual growth and lifelong learning.

Our grant is in sup
port of "Project InSight," which offered paid fellowships to support high school students who are meaningfully interested in engaging with broad-reaching fields related to vision through workplace learning experiences.

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