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Research suggests that 1-in-10 children will have an undiagnosed vision disorder, that can lead to permanent vision impairments if left untreated.


The EARLY IMPACT FUND supports vision screenings and comprehensive eye exams for low-income community-members, especially for those ranging from 6-months through school-age years. Eye institutes, community clinics, ophthalmologist practices, and pediatric optometrists located in “vision deserts” and capable of providing vision-care support activities are encouraged to apply.

meet Early Impact grantee:

UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic

The UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic’s staff of trained ophthalmic personnel provides general eye care to over 20,000 underserved adults and children annually throughout Southern California.

Our grant supported
 vision screenings and ophthalmic examinations to diagnosis potential or existing eye disorders, treatment of some ocular diseases, and the appropriate referral of patients who need additional care, and eye glasses for pre-school aged children.

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