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Research data and Artificial Intelligence systems shape policies and advance drug discoveries. While algorithms help guide medical care, many are biased or use outdated scientific rationale to adjust patients' scores based on race, according to some reports. 


The DATA FOR INCLUSION FUND invests in responsible research projects that build cure discoveries as well as open research projects that expose social and economic barriers faced by the blind and visually impaired community.

meet Data For Inclusion grantee:


Future Communities Institute (FCI) promotes policies that ensure everyone has access to quality healthcare. This includes advocating for affordable healthcare options, mental health services, and preventive care.

Our grant funded the Polaris project, the first free resource of its kind to collect longitudinal datasets based on BVI needs and outcomes. These datasets uncover the whole person (such as soft skills and mental health) that affect outcomes and social detriments of health, to inform the design of services for education and workforce development.


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