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Video Description - Visionary Scholars

Please note this video contains music only and has neither narration nor descriptive audio.

Inspiring guitar music plays.

The Fox Family Foundation logo, a white fox sitting on top of the words, “Fox Family Foundation” in white letters appears over a black background.

A title page in blue over black announces the fund, “Visionary Scholars”.


Beneath it, a subtitle reads: “The Problem…. Diversity & Inclusion” 


A male Asian college student wearing a virtual reality headset looks right to left.


A title reads: “Grantees use immersive learning …”

A group of multi-ethnic Project ECHO students pose for a photo as they dissect an eyeball at Roski Eye Institute. 


A title reads: “…experiential learning…”


A Latina student consults her instructor while giving an eye exam to a fellow student.


A title reads: “…internships/externships…


Two female medical students pose for the camera.


A title reads: “…fellowships…”


A certificate is stamped approved.


Title reads: “…career technical education certificates… ”


Multi-ethnic students walk through a school hallway.


Title reads: “…to help ensure students…”


A close up of blue eyes in a dark room wearing goggles with technological data streaming on the sides.


Title reads: “…will consider careers in vision science…”

An Asian special education teacher assistant a young Latino boy in a wheelchair.

Title reads: “…special education…”


A collage of images of teams of colleagues work together ideating around computers.


Title reads: “…and other fields that will have a positive impact in the lives of the visually impaired.”


An African-American young woman in cap and gown smiles for the camera holding her diploma.


Title reads: “With sight we see.”


Multi-ethnic graduates in gowns through their caps in the air.


Title reads: “With insight we achieve.”


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