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Video Description - Early Impact

Please note this video is music only and contains neither narration nor descriptive audio.

Inspiring piano music plays.

The Fox Family Foundation logo, a white fox sitting on top of the words, “Fox Family Foundation” in white letters appears over a black background.

A title page in orange over black announces the fund, “Early Impact”.

Beneath it, a subtitle reads: “The Problem…. Eye Care Deserts” 


A hand holding a single eye lens moves in front of a blurry eye chart. 

A title reads: “Grantees use vision screenings”


A female doctor examines a young Asian baby being held by his mother.


The titles in white letters over various colored boxes continue: “And early intervention programs…”

An African-American mother kisses her baby.


Title reads: “To help ensure an estimated 12 million children aren’t left with untreated vision problems.”

Six close ups of eyes of different colors .


Title reads: “Because untreated vision problems…”


A young blond girl with a braid with black glasses scowls at the camera.


Title reads: “…can lead to academic and behavior issues...”


An older version of the girl in cap and gown turns and smiles at the camera.


Title reads: “…and hinder graduation rates.”


A young boy sits for an eye exam with one eye covered.

Title reads: “Our grantees ensure the two million low income students who need glasses…”

An adorable young girl with black rimmed glasses squirms restlessly and wrinkles her nose.


Title reads: “…can get them…”


A blonde mom holds her young daughter in her arm.


Title reads: “...and support families in need”


Two smiling parents carry their laughing children on their backs


Title reads: “With sight we see…”


A father pushes his daughter on a bicycle and leaps in the air when she successfully rides by herself.


Title reads: “With insight we achieve.”


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