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Video Description - Data for Inclusion

Please note this video is music only and contains neither narration nor descriptive audio.

Driving pizzicato string piece plays.

The Fox Family Foundation logo, a white fox sitting on top of the words, “Fox Family Foundation” in white letters appears over a black background.

A title page in fluorescent pink over black announces the fund, “Data for Inclusion”.

Beneath it, a subtitle reads: “The Problem…. Bias in vision health algorithms” 


A DNA strand and other bits of data are superimposed over a close up of an eye.


A title reads: “To discover a cure”


Data graphics are overlayed on top of a city scape at night. The image transitions to a crowded terminal walkway, with people movers on each side. Hundreds of people make their way through in both directions. Small white number of data with lines connecting them are superimposed over the people.


The titles in white letters over various colored boxes continue: “Grantees use research, big data…”

A blond young woman stares into the eyes of a robot


Title reads: “Artificial intelligence…”


A woman in a virtual reality headset examines her hand.


Title reads: “And other machine learning technologies”


We zoom in on a close up of a blue eye with data lines pointing to the center.


Title reads: “That identify intervention gaps”


Fly through of animated representations of data in blue-green lines over black.


Title reads: “So we can implement better solutions for people in need”


Three men sit at computer monitor looking at data analysis charts.


Title reads: “To help ensure policy makers…”


An African-American doctor speaks with a young patient in a wheelchair.


Title reads: “Service providers…”


A female teacher with long brown hair and a green sweater helps a young boy with brown hair and a green black and white plaid long sleeve shirt read braille.

Title reads: “And educators”


A woman in a red sweater with Down Syndrome sits with a man in a grey shirt. They both smile for the camera.

Title reads: “…can enrich life opportunities for all abled people.”


The camera pans around a close up of a man’s face with the sun blazing on him.


Title reads: “With sight we see…”


A man in an orange jacket, green backpack and yellow climbing helmet, helps his friend with a yellow jack, green rope around him and a yellow helmet reach a peak of a mountain. The two men hug.


Title reads: “With insight we achieve.”


Accessible Fox Family Foundation
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