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Video Description - Exceptional Scholars

Please note this video contains only music with neither narration nor descriptive audio.

Inspiration piano music plays.

The Fox Family Foundation logo, a white fox sitting on top of the words, “Fox Family Foundation” in white letters appears over a black background.


A title page in mint green over black announces the fund “Exceptional Scholars”.

Beneath it, a subtitle reads: “The Problem… Education and employment barriers for visually impaired people.”

A young African-American girl’s hands are shown reading Braille.

A title reads: “Grantees use… early intervention…”


A special education teacher helps a blind teenager construct a model.


The titles continue: “Adaptive pedagogy…”


A technician works with a 3-d model.


Title reads: “3-D printing”


A silhouette of graduates waiving their caps.


Title reads: “To help ensure that more blind and low vision students graduate from high school and college.”


Video: A man’s face in shadow wearing sunglasses.

Title reads: “To help ensure the 70% of blind people and low vision people who are unemployed.”


A gentleman sits on a train holding a white cane.

Title reads: “Can enter the workforce”


A visually impaired man wearing a hoodie and sunglasses works at a computer.


Title reads: “In jobs about which they are passionate, but often excluded, such as STEM careers”

A young girl with glasses pumps her fist holding a diploma.


Title reads: “With sight, we see…”


The girl, now a college graduate, smiles outside in her graduation cap.


Title reads: “With insight, we achieve.”


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