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Video Description - Inclusive Innovation

Please note this video is music only and contains neither narration nor descriptive audio.

The Fox Family Foundation logo, a white fox sitting on top of the words, “Fox Family Foundation” in white letters appears over a black background.

A title page in yellow over black announces the fund, “Inclusive Innovation”.


Beneath it, a subtitle reads: “The Problem…. Inhibitors to Independent Living” 


A doctor scans the eye of a young girl with a computerized scope.


A title reads: “Grantees use breakthrough innovations in med tech…”


A girl with a hand-held scope reads a tablet.


A title reads: “…ed tech…”


An overhead shot of streets highlighted with digital colors.


A title reads: “…assistive tech…”


A college aged girl walks arm-in-arm with an older woman using a white cane and being led by a guide dog.


A title reads: “…to increase independent living opportunities…”


A grandmother lets her visually impaired grandson play with her glasses in her lap.


Title reads: “…and thrive in their communities.”


Half of a woman’s face in show in close up.


Title reads: “With sight we see,”


African-American smiling parents with their kids on their backs spread their arms like airplanes.


Title reads: “With insight we achieve.”


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