Prevent Blindness Northern California

Blindness is catastrophic to an individual and in many cases sight loss is preventable.  Prevent Blindness of Northern California (PBNC) served as a patient advocate for healthy vision.  The organization screened over 1-million children and adults since 1966 and connected over 50,000 people to vision care services and certified over 25,000 vision screeners. PBNC targeted all of its services to socio-economically disadvantaged populations. Almost all students served were low over very low income.

In 2018 PBNC reprioritized advocacy to make vision health a national priority. Through their Advocacy Program, PBNC urges federal, state and local officials to prioritize effective policies and sufficient funding for vision-related initiatives, which are currently lacking from the national health agenda.  We need your voices to help make eye health and safety a state and national priority. 

You can advocate for vision health and eye safety by doing the following:

  • Visit your local district officials to attend a town hall meeting, and share your personal story about vision health
  • Write to your elected officials about the importance of vision health policy
  • Support new bills and legislation to help fund programs that save sight

What you can do to help

Prevent Blindness Northern California is collecting stories about how eye health programs benefit you and your family. These personal stories are invaluable in showing local leaders how this issue impacts real people. Share your story and help ensure our future health care system reflects the needs of our communities.
Please contact PBNC for more information!

To find out more information on how you can be an advocate for vision and eye health, visit Eye CAN.