Big Picture Learning

Our mission is to activate the potential of schools, systems, and education through student-driven, real-world education. 

What started out as one school in Providence, RI, has truly grown to a global movement, one which we invite your school community to join. There are a number of ways that we work directly with schools and organizations to activate the power of their communities, but all of our efforts focus on student and interest-driven learning in the real world. We invite you to review how the Big Picture Learning design works and what we consider our special sauce -- our 10 distinguishers.

If you'd like to get involved, you are welcome to jump in with both feet through our services designed to help you start a new school or transform an existing one. If you're looking to introduce or refine one or more of BPL's distinguishers, we invite you to take advantage of our coaching services, which are available both online and in-person (including our specialized internship management services, offered through ImBlaze). If you're simply hoping to become increasingly engaged with our larger BPL community, we invite you to consider becoming an affiliate network member. 

Whatever your desire for education change, we welcome you to the movement and look forward to hearing from you soon!