Aurelia Foundation

Every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
Every individual has the potential to learn throughout their lives
the opportunity to make choices is every individual’s fundamental right. 
Every individual has strengths and gifts to contribute to their community.

The Aurelia Foundation was founded in 2010 by a group of parents, all of whom had a son or daughter with a moderate to severe developmental disability. These parents quickly learned that after years of being in a school setting, with a set schedule, an IEP plan, a group of peers, and qualified support staff, the next best step wasn’t clear and there was the very real potential their young adult child would sit at home, isolated, with no chance to continue to learn and grow. 

Our founders’ situation happens regularly. Many young adults with developmental disorders have limited options for life after secondary school.  They may require help walking, or communicating.  They may require assistance with their daily living skills, social interactions, and behavioral support. Yet, like all young adults, they deserve to have a life that includes accessing the community, hanging out with their friends, working on living skills and participating in activities that are meaningful, engaging and promote lifelong learning.  They may want to find a job, but require support to learn vocational skills, as well as a job coach once they find employment.

The Foundation was created specifically to complement state funding received by our clients, as government assistance is increasingly limited both in terms of funding and resources for community placements. With Creative Steps, we offer our clients a safe, supportive environment where they continue to grow and thrive and learn skills necessary for greater independence and community engagement.  

Creative Steps

By: Aurelia Foundation

Through the Creative Step program, clients whose developmental disabilities and/or physical impairments do not preclude employment are provided with the opportunities and supports to attain their goals.