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Samuel Oelheim

Coos Bay, OR

SAMUEL OELHEIM has come from taking the longer road to being a Fellow at the Fox Family Foundation. Having graduated from high School in 1989,  he did everything from pulling stumps, working in restaurants, to becoming a branch manager at Central Coast Federal Credit Union in Pacific Grove California. In 2005 Samuel returned to finishing his Bachelors of Science in Cultural Anthropology from Southern Oregon University in 2010 with a special interest in archeology of the Southern Oregon Coast.

As a member of the restored Coquille Indian Tribe, Samuel understands that every minority group is in need of finding equity within the majority, and with needs uniquely their own. He believes that it is the starting of reciprocal giving that is important not the end, because there is no end. This comes from a part of the Potlatch traditions of the Oregon Coast. "We are the legacy of our ancestry. What we do with that legacy will determine what the following generations will inherit. Give what you have in abundance freely."

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