Creative Steps is an adult community integration program designed to provide a safe, caring, enriching environment where adults with disabilities can achieve their full potential as valued, contributing members of the community. 


OUR APPROACH IS UNIQUE BECAUSE EVERY CLIENT IS UNIQUE. Offering customized plans for each client, Creative Steps provides a safe, caring, enriching environment where adults with disabilities can achieve their full potential, and integrate themselves as valued members of their community.

EVERYONE WANTS TO BE VALUED. Going beyond providing supervision and enriching activities, Creative Steps focuses on developing life skills and social skills, and encouraging community awareness. Our program includes job training, in conjunction with local businesses. Creative Steps also works with our clients to encourage entrepreneurship, and develop opportunities to create marketable products and sell them. There are regular field trips, and endless opportunities for recreation, music and so much more. 

WHAT WE OFFER. Along with teaching skills of daily living, we offer:

  • Art and music therapies, lessons and performance opportunities
  • Computer skills on every level to optimize language and communication abilities
  • Interaction with the community with guest teachers (for example, local chefs providing cooking lessons or local musicians and artists teaching and performing
  • Field trips to museums, historical sites, workplaces, etc.
  • Founded by parents of children with special needs, we develop the individual potential of people with special needs. The Aurelia Foundation supports state-of-the-art programs that respect, nurture and truly enrich the lives of those we serve. We invite you to join us in raising the standards for young adult day programs, and raising public consciousness about the benefits of doing so.