Roski Vision Van

By: Roski Eye Institute

Early Impact

The faculty and staff of the Roski Eye Institute are committed to providing eye care, not only to patients but to other members of our community. Among the most vital services we offer, the USC Roski Eye Institute's mobile eye clinic goes throughout Los Angeles community so residents of all ages can be examined by a professional -- regardless of their ability to pay. The van minimizes the burden of taking time off work or school and spending money to travel to a clinic. Many of our mobile eye clinic patients have never had a comprehensive eye exam and are at risk for blinding conditions including diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. 


By providing easier access to eye care, we are able to detect and treat eye disease in members of our community who would not otherwise seek preventative care, often saving them from vision loss and eventual blindness. Early detection and treatment reduce the personal and societal cost of vision loss in our communities -- particularly in our most vulnerable communities. Finally, the mobile eye clinic attends two to three community screening events per month and sees more than 2,500 patients per year for free comprehensive ophthalmic exams in the greater Los Angeles area. To date, we have had the opportunity to examine more than 10,000 children.

  • The mission of the USC Roski Eye Institute is to preserve, protect and restore vision. Our gifted experts in vision science continue to push the edges of discovery, conducting unprecedented research across disciplines that have forever changed the lives of the visually impaired. Our innovative and interdisciplinary initiatives have led to major breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of vision-related diseases and disorders.