Vision affects not just visual functions, but also other functions that are not assumed to be visually related. Vision development of the brain is also incredibly important not only to be able to see, but in motion processing, color contrast, hand-eye coordination, reading speed and many other functions that are incredibly important for children to learn early on. 

By correcting vision problems in preschool, we help these children build strong foundations for Kindergarten and First-grade reading. We can help close the Achievement Gap, as children who may have fallen behind due to uncorrected poor vision enter kindergarten ready to learn to read. 

A program of Prevent Blindness Northern California, See Well to Learn™ was established in 2012 to ensure that preschoolers in underserved communities have equal access to comprehensive vision care and are ready for school. Tipping Point Community provided seed funding and management assistance to launch the Eye Bus program for Bay Area preschoolers.


The  See Well to Learn™ Eye Bus program is the only program in Northern California to employ an innovative, school-based approach to accurately detect vision problems among low-income preschoolers, at no cost to the students. We want to ensure that these children receive the care they need for vision correction so they can enter Kindergarten ready to learn.


While the program has 6 major components, the design of the Eye Bus is a whimsical way to introduce the importance of vision care to students. Children are excited to see the Eye Bus pull up and are curious to learn more about what happens inside. While we need the community to support our vision care efforts, it's important that the children themselves are also excited to learn about taking care of their vision.

In addition to its Screening Services and Eye Bus, See Well to Learn™ helps parents navigate the vision healthcare system, while connecting parents in need with financial resources for eye care. See Well to Learn™ also offers support on compliance, including education on specific vision disorders and support group information for parents of children with vision problems.

See Well to Learn™ is a part of Preschool Vision Care of California, a statewide network of mobile vision programs that deliver comprehensive eye care at school sites to vulnerable preschoolers. The network also has programs in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County.

  • Prevent Blindness Northern California (PBNC) exists to screen for vision problems in preschool-aged children in the Bay Area, to connect and provide them with better vision care, and improve their ability to learn and grow. PBNC offers child-focused vision screenings, follow-up care, and access to glasses, as well as training and education for health professionals to administer screenings.