Tailored Industry Entrepreneurial Studies (TIES) is a unique program developed by Project ECHO to deepen student-connections and understanding of the trades and commerce that are unique to each industry.


In the summer of 2019, thirty students participated an intensive two-week program focused on four unique industries: (i) Opthalmology; (ii) Legal Services; (iii) Insurance; and (iv) Food-Tech.  Students not only learned about some of the challenges within these different industries, but they were also exposed to the myriad of careers available in each field.


In partnership with the Roski Eye Institute, the Fox Family Foundation supported the week-long immersion into Opthalmology offered by TIES. Students were given an array of hands-on opportunities to handle medical equipment and learn how different tools were used to detect eye disease. 

From dissecting cow eyeballs to learning how to perform non-invasive screenings, at the close to the TIES Opthalmology industry week, students were able to identify and diagnose different eye conditions and how the overall health practices within a community could contribute to poor eye health.


During the second part of the week, students used the lens of Design Thinking to innovate solutions for the industry challenges that most interested them. 


TIES can be launched as a summer, semester, or after school program for both middle and high school students. If you are interested in bringing TIES to your community, contact office@projectecho.org

  • Project ECHO is an activity-based high school entrepreneurship program that aims to turn the classroom into a personally relevant, engaging and inclusive experience for teens. Through its robust entrepreneurship program inclusive of a formal curriculum, field trips to UCLA, mentorship, assistance to schools to build community collaborations, and the High School Entrepreneurs’ Business Plan Competition, students complete Project ECHO college-ready and career-focused.

  • The mission of the USC Roski Eye Institute is to preserve, protect and restore vision. Our gifted experts in vision science continue to push the edges of discovery, conducting unprecedented research across disciplines that have forever changed the lives of the visually impaired. Our innovative and interdisciplinary initiatives have led to major breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of vision-related diseases and disorders.