The link between poverty and poor eye health has been widely documented.  Previous studies on the link between a person's lower socioeconomic status and visual impairment, eye diseases, and ocular risk factors have found that access to and use of healthcare are important factors in the relationship between visual impairment and socioeconomic status.


By building a Career Training Education program that focuses on Ophthalmic health at the high school level, students can deepen their awareness of the importance of Eye Health. More importantly, they can illuminate the eye-health related problems that challenge their own communities. For example, if they reside in a lower-income neighborhood, their community members are likely faced with poor diets, higher rates of diabetes and increased obesity rates all of which correlate to severe vision loss that was otherwise preventable.


Not only does blindness and poor vision have a tremendous impact on the quality of life, but it can also lead to financial insecurity and social isolation, even in the most affluent communities. 


The Southern California Eye Institute has created a 

  • The Southern California Eye Institute is dedicated to providing the highest level of vision care, using the latest technology and treatments to deliver the best outcome to patients in Los Angeles and from around the world. The institute‚Äôs expert physician-scientists are advancing innovations in stem cell and regenerative therapies, artificial intelligence and bioelectronic implants to further the prevention, early detection and treatment of eye diseases and conditions.