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Please note this video is silent and as no narration nor descriptive audio.

The Fox Family Foundation logo, a fox sitting on top of the foundation’s name, is shown in white over a black background.


Title Reads: "The Fox Family Foundation"

Vertical brush strokes paint the background white.

Titles read: "Breaking the link between poverty and vision loss."

An Asian scientist looks through a lit bulb.


Titles in white lettering over a brown background reads: "Early Intervention Programs"

A mom holds her baby up to eye exam equipment. A doctor’s hand adjusts the lens.


A mom in pink plays with a young toddler wearing grey and with blue-rimmed glasses who is holding a cookie in his hand.

A blonde toddler with glasses wearing a hood and a green striped shirt smiles at the camera and plays with blocks.

A close up shot of an eye with digital scan arrows in circles with data on the right side.


A title reads: "Research Programs"

A female scientists points at data projected on a clear glass data screen.

Animated fly-through of data-type transmission lines.


A title reads: "Education Programs"

A 3D scan of a man’s head with different lobes of the brain highlighted.


An African-American teen boy tries on large glasses which simulate a vision correction.

A Latina student in blue exam gloves smiles over a discovery in a class which introduces the eye.

Many small headshots of people fly through an animated data track.


A title reads: "Workforce Development Programs"

Young students’ hands read Braille.


A woman in a black leather jacket walks along a sidewalk using a white cane.


Close up of an eye.


A title reads: "With sight we see."

An African-American father and son with glasses smile at each other sitting at open laptops.


A title reads: "With insight we achieve."


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