There are 2.2 billion people in the world with blindness or visual impairement, and almost half could have been prevented or are yet to address the problem. That is one billion people who could have been helped with proper treatment or diagnosis.


In the United States 2.4% of our population 16 and older suffer from blindness or visual impairement. 7.5 million people and climbing, largely due to aging. 


How do we better serve the BVI community?  With data.


Where are the needs? How do we identify challenges, interventions and solutions in Eye Care and provide access to people who may be in need?  By funding the work and the research which helps scientists and opthamologists reach the right communities.


Barriers that blind and visually impaired populations face in obtaining their STEM degrees and getting hired for tech occupations right out of high school are everywhere. The Fox Family Foundation is committed organizations who expose the barriers and help break them down.


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People with vision difficulty are more likely than the general population to be in poverty, with the poverty gap remaining around 10% over time. Adding to this challenge, only about half of the people (50.9%) with vision difficulty labor force.