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Research suggests that 1-in-10 children will have an undiagnosed vision disorder, that can lead to permanent vision impairments if left untreated.


The EARLY IMPACT FUND supports vision screenings and comprehensive eye exams for low-income community-members, especially for those ranging from 6-months through school-age years. Eye institutes, community clinics, ophthalmologist practices, and pediatric optometrists located in “vision deserts” and capable of providing vision-care support activities are encouraged to apply.

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Please note this video contains music only and has neither narration nor descriptive audio.


There is a perception that people who are blind or visually impaired are limited in what they can do in their career. With today's advancements in technology and treatments, the barriers to employment have started to come down, however low employment rates of blind and visually individuals remains at 37%. 


We believe that we change the narrative by supporting programs and organizations which catapult the academic achievements of the blind and visually impaired students, K-16; design new curriculum highlighting innovations in Eye-Care related fields; and provide hands-on and in-the-field work experience which directly benefit the blind and low vision community.


The Fox Family Foundation welcomes the opportunity to partner with nonprofit organizations focused on this particular challenge.


Accessible Fox Family Foundation
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